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April 2024 Issue: Editor’s Note

Our April issue kicks off with Col Sonam Wangchuk's profound lessons on leadership & courage, followed by an engaging Q&A with Chitra Divakaruni. Gain deeper insights into how pivotal communication is across various professional arenas, enhancing both personal growth and career trajectory.

Communication is a key aspect of daily life, one that fosters connection and builds trust. For writers, filmmakers, professionals, entrepreneurs, or even students – the way you communicate, verbally or with the written word, is a fundamental part of your personality and plays a significant role in whatever career path you choose to pursue. In this issue, even as we span a wide array of topics as always, the theme of effective storytelling and communication is woven in as a common thread.

The issue features a Q&A with celebrated author, Chitra Divakaruni Banerjee, whose novels have been the basis of movies and television shows; an article by journalist Gargi Rawat, who has shared her experience of writing her first fiction novel; reflections on the importance of design for society by renowned Architect Sonali Bhagwati; along with articles by leadership expert Todd Dewett, entrepreneurs Ashwajit Singh and Rukhsar Ahmed, film producer Niraj Kothari, and IAS officer Kalpana Kumari. Also included are articles on developments in financial education, effective corporate communication, the impact of generative AI, and Prompt Engineering as an up-and-coming career path. Our cover story is contributed by one of India’s greatest heroes, Maha Vir Chakra Awardee Col Sonam Wangchuk. His insightful description of his career in the army and how it shaped his life and personality is hugely inspiring. It exemplifies the reality that following your passion and diligently working through obstacles form the basis of a successful career.   

Finally, I take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of reading – the more you read and expand your awareness, the better your communication skills. In the words of award-winning author and educator Pam Allyn, “Reading is like breathing in, and writing is like breathing out.” Read more and build up the skills to express your creative thoughts and ideas clearly, forging a clear path to success in whatever field of work you choose.

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Best Wishes

Pooja Backliwal

Managing Editor


  • Pooja Backliwal

    Pooja Backliwal, Co-founder and Managing Editor, has a diverse background with several years of experience in the corporate arena - with companies including General Electric and Ernst and Young - following a Master's degree in English Literature from Delhi University. She is also an entrepreneur and runs a successful jewellery business under the brand name Traditions. Her experience significantly shapes the magazine's editorial vision. Pooja’s leadership ensures Career Ahead continues its mission to enlighten and inspire readers by presenting seasoned professionals' insights​​.

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