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Are Biodegradable Bottles Finally Arriving?

Cove is a material innovation company. For years, it has been attempting to make completely biodegradable water bottles,but there hasn’t been a breakthrough yet.

It isn’t the first company to attempt something like this. Scientists and various companies have been trying to solve this problem for decades, searching for a material that will replace the harmful plastic packaging used today with more natural substances. Something that will not pollute the planet.

After five years of research, Cove has finally made a fully biodegradable bottle of water.

“The bottle will completely disintegrate in water and soil in under five years”, estimates Cove.

Cove’s biodegradable bottles

The new water bottle by Cove has a sleek, slender but sturdy cylindrical base. It is eggshell white with a matching lid on top. The material looks very similar to the ones we use in our daily lives.

Alex Totterman, Cove’s founder and chief executive promises that these bottles will soon be available in the stores at $2.99 per bottle. This has been said quite a few times earlier. However, plans have been repeatedly delayed because of multiple factors, including the pandemic.

Despite the delays, Cove’s investors are still on board. The company has raised more than $20 billion from various investors. These include Salesforce co-founder Marc Benioff, the media heir James Murdoch, and Valor Equity Partners.

Along with these, DJs Diplo and Kygo and pop star Ellie Goulding have also invested in the company.

In the words of the CEO, “We kind of fought to get here, kicking and screaming this into existence.” He also showed a warehouse completely stocked with these biodegradable water bottles, ready to roll out.

A precise date for the roll out has still not been shared.


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