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How to get out of any situation that’s stressing you out

Feeling overwhelmed by stress? Our quick guide provides key tips to help you navigate and defuse any stressful situation, allowing you to reclaim your calm.

You’ve had it all day, now you’re home and in your pajamas with your favorite show coming on and you want to relax, but then you realize that you’re still stressed out from work, school, or some other situation. You know you have to do something to release that stress or else it will build up and you’ll never be able to fall asleep tonight. Here are a few tips on how to get out of any situation that’s stressing you out so that you can relax!

Accept the Situation

Instead of denying what’s happening, accept it. Accepting a stressful situation will make you feel better because it takes the pressure off and allows you to focus on one thing. Once your mind is clear, figure out how best to proceed.

Get A Fresh Perspective on Things

After things have been stressful for a while, it’s hard to look at them objectively. But it helps to pretend that someone is standing over your shoulder offering an outsider’s perspective. What do they see? How would they advise you on handling things? Is there anything else you can do before taking a big step?

Find Peace Within Yourself

By learning how to calm yourself in a stressful or anxiety-provoking environment, you’ll be able to react calmly and rationally. It may sound trite, but try breathing deeply from your diaphragm (your stomach) instead of shallowly from your chest. The slower and deeper your breaths are, the calmer you’ll feel. Even if it takes a little practice for it to start feeling natural, soon enough, deep breathing will be second nature whenever your stress levels rise too high.

Tell Yourself That You Can Do It

Even if your obstacles seem overwhelming, remind yourself that you can do it. You may feel like giving up, but don’t—giving up will only make things worse. Keep telling yourself what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it; visualize every step as if it’s already done. Let go of doubt and know for sure that everything will work out for your highest good.

Watch Something Inspirational

One simple way to put things in perspective is to watch something inspirational. Even if it’s a cheesy 80s movie, watching something uplifting and positive will always help you realize how much worse off others are. When we compare our own problems with those of others, we can easily see how small our problems really are.

Ask for Help

When facing a stressful or negative situation, it’s natural to want to keep quiet about it. If others don’t know about it, I won’t feel as bad, many people think. But silence only exacerbates stress and your negative emotions.

Be Optimistic About the Future

While it might be hard in some situations, try not to stress about what hasn’t happened or what may never happen. If you can stay positive and believe that things will work out for your benefit, they probably will. If I stayed upset or stressed, nothing good would come from it, said Greenway. I had to think positively and have a more optimistic outlook on my future. It takes time but soon enough your mind will follow.


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