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NSDCI and Perdaman Join Hands to Create New Work Opportunities

The National Skills Development Corporation’s main aim is to make India the “Skilled Capital of the world”. Its international counterpart NSDCI and Perdaman, a multinational recruitment company based in Western Australia have decided to come together to generate new opportunities for the skilled workforce of India.

India is home to millions of skilled youths who can work in any sector with utmost proficiency. Australia is facing a serious crisis of a competent workforce the present times. This partnership will prove beneficial for both countries.

With this partnership, the Indian skilled youth will get a direct gateway to Australia. Along with these work opportunities, this partnership between India and Australia will furthermore strengthen their relations and open up newer opportunities in the future.

Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO of NSDC and managing director of NSDCI, says, “It is my firm belief that this partnership will not only make the process of international mobility smooth by removing any bottlenecks and procedural challenges but also meet the aspirations of Indian youth earn a livelihood in foreign countries.”

This collaboration will also provide students from both countries the opportunity to study in the reciprocal country through various channels.

In addition to this, newer avenues in the field of scholarships will also open up along with the possibility of fee reduction for students coming from economically weaker backgrounds.

This partnership is not limited to the education sector only. The work opportunities extend to various other fields such as manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, renewable energy, and electric vehicles.

Mr. Vikas Rambal, the Chairperson of Perdaman says that this is a historic moment in the history of the two countries. “A lot of newer opportunities and avenues will open up from here on.” He also adds that this partnership will help creating a stronger vision for the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs and businesses.


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