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World of Modern Beauty Entrepreneurs

We all know how beauty entrepreneurs and influencers have taken the driver’s seat when it comes to captivating people’s attention with innovative contents, make-up techniques, beauty hacks, product reviews and marking tremendous impact in the world of beauty business. Beauty market is growing at a phenomenal pace in India and spreading its roots stronger every day. Men, women, girls or boys all have come to the same platform of looking glamorous and personal grooming lately has been widely accepted like never before. Large numbers of global brands are eyeing on Indian market these days and major international salon chains and cosmetic brands are making their way to Indian market rapidly. We all know beauty has a way of capturing attentions and thanks to willing and growing consumers who have educated themselves on the latest trends and fashion. The changing market conditions and international trending beauty industry bolstered the demand for highly competent beauty professionals who can take the key positions as make-up artist, Hairstylist, Trainers, bloggers, retail managers for cosmetic brands, retail beauty consultants, aviation groomers, TV/film industry, Theaters, video albums, Netflix series, freelancers, and the name doesn’t end.

The world of beauty entrepreneurs has many pathways, here are few out lines for aspiring modern-day entrepreneurs for a successful future ahead.

Importance of Professional Certification: No matter whatever key roll you pursue to be in future the utmost importance is being professionally trained from any major well stablished academy and highly experienced trainers. Creative visions are seeing things that others tend to miss; this curiosity to examine things from all the angles may lead to discover more creativity. Look for exclusively designed curriculum which offers intensive conceptual practical study and training for a make-up artistry/hair styling professional course, and emphasize on highly professional trainings. Aspirants need strong visual understanding for a creative approach, market research and definitely a lot of hard work is required. If the question is who can apply the answers would be everyone and anyone willing to stablish there career as a beauty entrepreneurs. The aim of such program is to develop make-up professional and elevate interpersonal skills so that students can adapt confidence to the changing demands in people oriented industry.

Scope of professional courses:

Major academies are providing diploma and specially designed course in two categories; one is   Bridal make-up and hairstyling and second is fashion editorial make-up which includes body art, prosthetic and many more. After specialization make-up professionals work either as freelancers or in the industry of media, advertising, cosmetic retail, and entertainment industry for theaters, movies/TV series and even work for designers to create a certain look for models, fashion photographers. They can even go beyond being beauty consultant; Asst. make-up artist for a well stablished professional artist, having their own makeup studio, or being beauty bloggers, beauty trainers, celebrity make-up artist and the list goes on. Opportunities are wide spread and endless, it all depends on the aspirant’s caliber and knowledge to take the best advantage of becoming a part of this billion dollar beauty industry.

What to expect from yourself: Becoming a great make-up artist and successful in the same professional field is eventually everybody’s dream but to achieve one has to work on skill sets which comes through knowledge, exposure and practice. Practice and only practice is the only key to success therefore one should never stop practicing on skill sets such as different face shapes, skin texture, skin tones, eye shapes. Hence the more practice can only bring perfection. There are more ways of gaining experience which includes working backstage at fashion shows, assisting stablished make-up artist and collaborating with other upcoming budding professionals like stylist, photographers, designers and people in other creative fields.

As a beauty professional myself I’m always being asked one question mostly, “Why should I get a certification course when I can learn from You Tube, beauty bloggers, beauty influencers and make-up videos? Well I would like to show the bigger picture here. First thing first, there is nothing wrong if you want to be self-taught and learn from these platforms but these can only guide you to a certain level i.e. for your daily routine in make-up and skincare and an update on how to use a new product which has been recently launched in the market. Not to forget we are living in an era where the competition is tough and industry is demanding and if you are planning your way to step into the industry of beauty professionals then professional education in the stream is vital because having a certificate shows your recognition of a valid professional eventually leading to many projects, clients and opportunities in future.

Off lately I’m been asked one question which surpasses all the questions “There are so many make-up artist in the industry what will be my chance to survive and getting opportunities”. Undoubtedly the number of people opting for a career as a make-up artist has massively increased in the past few years but that doesn’t say there is no future rather it shows the future is much more brighter, market will never stop with more new immerging national and international brands marking opportunities in the beauty business which is endless moreover people adopting grooming has become a part of their lifestyle and its growing every single day. The hard work put into your craft and wise investment never goes in vain.

The famous – Estee Lauder once said- I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.

Well I would like to say here- Dream about success and eventually work for it.


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