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Australia’s New Visa Rules: What’s new for International Students and Dodgy Colleges

On 21 March 2024, the Australian Government unveiled major visa reforms under its Migration Strategy. These changes aim to boost the integrity and quality of education for international students and crack down on non-compliant education providers.

On 21 March 2024, the Australian Government, led by the Albanese administration, announced significant strides in the implementation of its comprehensive Migration Strategy. Aimed at refining the quality and integrity of Australia’s education system for international students, these steps reflect the Government’s commitment to delivering on its promises and recommendations from the Migration Review.

Key Highlights of the Migration Strategy

The strategy encompasses several pivotal measures:

  • Enhanced English Language Requirements: Effective 23 March 2024, student and graduate visa applicants must meet increased English language proficiency levels. This move is poised to augment educational and employment outcomes for international students in Australia.
  • Introduction of the Genuine Student Requirement: Replacing the previous Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement, this new criterion aims to assess the authenticity of students’ intentions to pursue education in Australia, enhancing the application process.
  • Crackdown on High-Risk Providers: With the establishment of a new VET Integrity Unit and adjustments to the ESOS Act, the Government signals its determination to eliminate substandard education providers from the landscape.
  • Post-Study Work Visa Modifications: Adjustments in post-study work visa durations are part of a broader effort to align students’ work experiences with their academic qualifications, emphasizing the need for quality over quantity in Australia’s skilled labor pool.
  • Addressing Graduate Employability: Acknowledging the mismatch between graduates’ qualifications and employment levels, the strategy introduces measures to better align these aspects, aiming to enhance the contribution of international graduates to the Australian economy.
  • Financial Requirements Adjustment: The increase in financial proof requirements for student visa applications ensures that international students are well-prepared to support their studies in Australia, marking a commitment to students’ welfare.
  • Streamlining Graduate Visa Routes: Simplification of the graduate visa application process underscores the Government’s effort to provide clearer pathways for students transitioning into the Australian workforce.

Implications and Forward Look

These reforms are designed to fortify the integrity and quality of Australia’s education system, ensuring it remains an attractive destination for genuine students worldwide. The focus on quality, alongside measures to prevent exploitation and ensure students are adequately prepared for their studies, reflects a balanced approach to managing student migration. As the Albanese Government continues to refine its migration strategy, the implications for Australia’s multicultural and multilingual society are profound, promising a stronger, more resilient educational landscape for future generations.


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