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Dimensions of Entrepreneurial Mindset: Swing Your Career to New Heights   

There is a thin line between being a Job Seeker and a Job Creator

The entrepreneurial mindset is accepted as an inherent trait, but time and research has proven it to be a mindset that remains dormant in all of us. It would be best if you aspired to wear the hat of a Job Creator and hone the essential skills and ability to transform your mindset before transitioning to being an entrepreneur.

When I pitched this idea to many candidates during my corporate journey as an HR Head – “will you be keen to start your business if given an opportunity?” Sadly, 98% said NO. The typical psychology of humans is to keep distance from risk; even though it may get you a windfall or make you a steady millionaire. You will prefer comfort within your known circuit rather than exploring newer possibilities. 

Let me share another perspective for those who prefer comforts. Like money devalues with inflation, cars become redundant after some years, or our body becomes frail as we age, we all lose time and move towards redundancy or a state of obsolescence with the flow of time. I hope you can relate! The question is, what compensates for the time and still helps us stay relevant. Balancing time means a scalable decent growth achieved within a shorter span than expected, but it works as a force multiplier. Your adaptability and flexibility will prove how well you stay relevant. 

Here I have tried to share reasons why you should nurture your latent entrepreneurial mindset while on the job. To clarify, you may not be required to launch a start-up, but you can quickly propel your career as an employee with a distinction.    

Evaluate your position against these seven possibilities I have shared here to firm up your intent and judge your readiness to transform from a Job Seeker to a Job Creator if you are passionate about taking this route. 

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#1 Define your VALUE in the market: Most people have a squared mindset. They are unhappy with their earnings, have no passion attached to the job, and get the square pay. If you built the mindset of an entrepreneur, only then can you set your worth; and demand what you deserve against your meaningful delivery. You become precious to the employers who require your RESOLVE! 

#2 You become the CHANGE Catalyst: This is critical when discussing an entrepreneur. They are the catalysts and transformers of business. They spur new ideas, work on them, and ensure they solve the problems of a billion people. If you nurture this mindset of delivering a change, either alone or part of a like-minded group, you make a difference in many people’s lives. You are resolving the pain, difficulties, and uncertainties of others.

#3 You drive a PURPOSE; What do you live for? Think aloud, don’t answer impromptu. It is a profound question. This question haunted me for long before I discovered my purpose. It is beyond holding an elevated position, earning a few crores, or owning a BMW. The purpose holds the key to success beyond materialistic achievements. Your broader purpose that drives you remains latent in your mind, and unless you get a heavy jerk or reach the tip of your patience, where change becomes inevitable, you will not realize it.

A few people are mad about automation, few juggle with data, some love travel, and some are health freaks. All of them cherish vital goals; when they chase these goals that transform the lives of others, a PURPOSE behind the activity forms. Every entrepreneur has a purpose that fuels their passion for building an offering that makes the life of others easy. 

#4 No RISK, no GAIN: I am putting a rider here; the risk comes with an adjective of calculated risk. Taking risks is the inherent quality of an entrepreneur. Risk is not just about money or investments; it could be acceptance, depletion of demand, change in technology, and many more unforeseen events. Taking risks in business or any top job you wish to undertake is unavoidable. An entrepreneurial mindset drives you to move ahead and never lets you be an observer, even when you anticipate risk. 

The gain for an entrepreneur is equally significant. The gains multiply with the proportion of risk you take. I have not heard of any entrepreneur who is happy with the returns and constantly craves more. If you nurture an entrepreneur mindset, your perspective toward an exponential gain will enhance, whereas an employee remains stuck with a limited possibility of gain. 

#5 Failures are the POTHOLES where you never stop, but cross over. The entrepreneur’s mind never counts the steps but focuses on the finish line. People with an entrepreneur mindset, either in a job or in business, have had to chase and accomplish a bigger goal; to them, SETBACKS become the stepping-stones of COMEBACKS! When you have a mission to complete, you will not cover the loss by retracing but cut the loss intending to move forward. I found most people are risk-averse; even when they take the risk, the responsibility for failure goes to someone else. 

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Entrepreneurs take a calculated risk and swiftly divert the route if they encounter losses by cutting it, not by cribbing and halting. What mindset do you have? Do you nurture the mindset of an entrepreneur?

#6 You will never RETIRE! The spirit of entrepreneurship never lets you retire. My perspective of retirement is when you stop contributing. The form and intensity of involvement in the business for an entrepreneur will remain transient with time and maturity. 

Contribution, in some form or other, will remain a source of energy for any entrepreneur. I coach people who intend to start a second career at 50. Their spirit to nurture their passion and zeal to transform lives and the environment will always keep them contributing and growing their business.   

#7 You are your only COMPETITION: Every entrepreneur is different, while the essential mindset remains the same. The fundamental element of an entrepreneurial mindset is when you strive to be different than the crowd. Your solution, the offering, and the results are so unique that no other competition can match up. Your consistency of growth depends on how intensely you create this differentiation. A marketplace without any competition will offer a level playing ground to explore your demand. You set your price; if you are an employee, you will command your remuneration, something the market will be more than eager to offer. 

When I started my article, I told you that an entrepreneurial mindset can but adopted and nurtured. Trust you are not required to come from a business family or be an offspring of a CEO. There is only one thing that you need form, and that is your INTENT. Your intense desire, a craving for growth, and an unfettered determination are enough to have a turnaround. 

How much are you ready to take on your entrepreneurial journey? I reiterate here that even being in a job, you can nurture this mindset, depending on the urgency you create to propel your career. Many believe that a steady income is much more desirable than exponential growth like an entrepreneur. Their associates, advisors, and family advocate the same idea; breaking through this shell, even when you simply think of stepping into an entrepreneur’s shoes, can be a huge struggle. There is a thin line between doing jobs and becoming a provider of jobs. It would help if you battled over the contraindications and inhibitions to change gear to entrepreneurship. 

If my comprehension helps you to decide your path, I will get my reward. Remember, only action takers move forward in life and careers. The rest remain on the fence. It is your call which side you want to be on!


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