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Google’s Eighth Accelerator Program: Unleashing AI Potential in India

Google's latest accelerator program in India showcases 20 AI-first startups, pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. From healthcare to e-commerce, these startups are driving the next wave of innovation in the tech world.

Google’s commitment to fostering cutting-edge artificial intelligence in India takes a significant leap forward with the announcement of its eighth Google for Startups Accelerator program. This initiative marks a new era of AI-driven innovation, as Google handpicks 20 AI-first startups from a pool of over 720 applicants, showcasing the depth of talent and entrepreneurial spirit in India’s technology sector.

Showcasing Diverse AI Innovations

The selected startups, in their Seed to Series A stages, represent a microcosm of India’s diverse AI capabilities. From creating AI-powered royalty-free music with Beatoven.ai to revolutionizing radiology diagnosis through Endimension’s AI platform, each startup stands out for its unique approach to leveraging AI.

Notably, Goodmeetings is enhancing video sales with its Generative AI-driven platform, while Kalam focuses on democratizing education through AI. NeuroPixel.AI is at the forefront of combining Generative AI with Computer Vision for the fashion e-commerce industry, and Pepper Content is scaling content marketing with the help of expert talent and Generative AI.

20 AI-first startups selected by Google for its eighth accelerator program in India:

  1. Beatoven.ai: An AI-driven platform creating royalty-free background music for content creators.
  2. DhiWise: Develops AI-powered tools to expedite the production of source code for web and mobile apps.
  3. Endimension: Specializes in an end-to-end AI platform for radiology diagnosis.
  4. FilterPixel: Offers AI software that automatically selects and edits the best photos from large collections.
  5. GalaxEye Space: Builds advanced imaging satellites using multiple sensors and Generative AI for enhanced imaging capabilities.
  6. Gan.ai: A video personalization platform leveraging Generative AI to create customized videos from a single recording.
  7. Goodmeetings: An AI-driven video sales platform designed to enhance the efficiency of salespeople.
  8. immunitoAI: A TechBio company focused on developing AI-generated novel antibody therapeutics.
  9. Kalam: Provides a personalized mentorship and learning ecosystem using AI, aiming to make quality education more affordable and accessible in India.
  10. Keploy: Offers an open-source TestGPT toolkit for automating integration testing and creating test cases and data mocks for APIs.
  11. Mugafi: Focuses on reshaping entertainment through Ved, an AI copilot for storytellers.
  12. NeuroPixel.AI: A deep tech startup at the intersection of Generative AI and Computer Vision, primarily targeting fashion e-commerce.
  13. Onward Assist: Aims to improve cancer outcomes with an AI-based solution that aids cancer pathologists.
  14. Pepper Content: A content marketing platform that scales content creation using expert talent and Generative AI.
  15. Prescinto: An AI-powered SaaS platform that enhances electricity generation from renewable energy plants through data analysis and machine learning.
  16. Presentations.AI: An AI-powered platform enabling rapid creation of professional presentations.
  17. SpoofSense.ai: Helps businesses detect identity fraud using computer vision.
  18. Wright Research: Develops AI-driven, personalized investment strategies in India.
  19. Zocket: An AI-powered SaaS platform assisting SMBs to create effective digital ads.
  20. ZuAI: An AI self-study assistant for students, offering a personalized edtech experience.

Fostering Growth and Development

The program kickstarts with a week-long in-person bootcamp, immersing the startups in intensive training workshops and mentorship support across various domains like product design, technical development, growth strategies, and leadership. This comprehensive training reflects Google’s dedication to nurturing these startups, not just in navigating market challenges but in emerging as leaders in their respective domains.

Impact on the Global Startup Landscape

Since 2016, Google’s accelerator programs have significantly impacted the startup ecosystem globally. With the recent launch of its inaugural Accelerator Impact Report, Google highlights the contributions of over 1100 startup alumni, underscoring the program’s influence in driving innovation and industry advancements.

Equity-Free Acceleration and Expert Mentorship

The Google for Startups Accelerator: India offers a three-month equity-free program for Indian technology startups. Selected startups receive not only expert mentorship but also support in areas crucial for their growth, including AI/ML, Cloud, UX, Android, Web, Product Strategy, and Growth.


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