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January 2023 Issue: Editor’s Note

As Pablo Picasso famously said, “Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.” The world would be a dreary place without artists, who make the mundane come alive with their creative touch. Art does not merely beautify and make things interesting, it also holds a mirror to reality. It makes us think and re-evaluate issues we may be taking for granted. Art is what differentiates humankind from the other life forms that inhabit this planet.

For a long time, the arts were not seen as a viable career option, especially in traditional middle-class households, where making a living was a main concern. With AI looming on the horizon, ready to take on any intellectual labor that humans have been performing, the arts might well be one of the few subjects left that will need an actual human touch!

Whatever the future may hold, I am pleased to present an issue replete with information on visual arts, performing arts, film, and many other off-beat career paths such as motorsports, research, translation, and interpretation. Also in this issue are pertinent discussions on the importance of changing the metaphor of the ‘rat race’, tips for communicators, and how to create a good first impression. With contributions from amazing artists such as ballerina Joy Womack, visual artist Nicole Buffett, actor Sohaila Kapur, and musician Ajay Mathur, I hope this issue will inspire our readers to follow their passion and pursue their dreams.

As always, we look forward to your valuable feedback and welcome your suggestions. Connect with us on our social media and visit our website for more great content.

Read our January 2023 issue here.

Best wishes,

Pooja Backliwal

Managing Editor


  • Pooja Backliwal

    Pooja Backliwal, Co-founder and Managing Editor, has a diverse background with several years of experience in the corporate arena - with companies including General Electric and Ernst and Young - following a Master's degree in English Literature from Delhi University. She is also an entrepreneur and runs a successful jewellery business under the brand name Traditions. Her experience significantly shapes the magazine's editorial vision. Pooja’s leadership ensures Career Ahead continues its mission to enlighten and inspire readers by presenting seasoned professionals' insights​​.

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