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January 2024 Issue: Editor’s Note

January 2024's edition of Career Ahead Magazine invites readers to rediscover the joy of learning with exclusive insights from professionals in various fields, including sports, arts, and environmental journalism. Embrace new opportunities and nurture your passions.

As we step into the new year with renewed optimism, let’s take this opportunity to refresh our commitment to lifelong learning. Sadly, the term ‘learning’ is now associated more with the facts and theories we are expected to imbibe as students, than with the feeling of joy that acquiring new skills and knowledge should actually bring. Learning a new sport, a new art form, or a musical instrument – these are acts that bring forth feelings of joy and positive anticipation. Ideally, ‘learning’ in an academic setting should be a joyous activity as well! Choosing subjects that align with your individual interests is one way to ensure a happy learning experience and to nurture your creativity to reach its highest potential.

The youth today should not be afraid to choose to follow their aspirations, as the world is brimming with opportunities in various arenas. In this issue, we have for you insights from a private investigator, a professional singer and voice trainer, a young filmmaker, an environmental journalist, and a professional sports manager. Also included are articles on heritage hospitality, sustainability specialists, and potential career and start-up opportunities in the energy sector. These are all viable career options now, which might have been difficult to imagine just a few decades ago.

Our cover story by Ex-IPL Director Dhiraj Malhotra shines a bright light on the incredible array of career opportunities available in the world of sports today. For those of you who aspire to make a career in professional sports, this article is a must-read. Continuing in line with our theme of life-long learning is our Q&A with child prodigy Janhavi Panwar, the young lady from Haryana who is a motivational speaker and YouTuber of repute. Read on to delve into the fantastic insights from these inspiring contributors!

In 2024, let’s resolve to renew our love for learning. Read that book you’ve had your eye on, join the classes that interest you, view the documentaries on your watch list! Also, visit our new website for more content and exciting updates. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Best Wishes,

Pooja Backliwal

Managing Editor


  • Pooja Backliwal

    Pooja Backliwal, Co-founder and Managing Editor, has a diverse background with several years of experience in the corporate arena - with companies including General Electric and Ernst and Young - following a Master's degree in English Literature from Delhi University. She is also an entrepreneur and runs a successful jewellery business under the brand name Traditions. Her experience significantly shapes the magazine's editorial vision. Pooja’s leadership ensures Career Ahead continues its mission to enlighten and inspire readers by presenting seasoned professionals' insights​​.

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