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Career Opportunities in Content Writing

Content writing includes everything from drafting a piece of content to editing and proofreading it for publication. In the present, content writing has found its place in every unimaginable sector of the world. It is no longer limited to being an art form for creative thinkers and is much more diverse, with multiple job opportunities available in the field.

The main objective of content writing is to target a particular audience and sell them different products and services. The profession is meant to speak directly with the targeted audience, including present and potential customers of the company or business, investors, employees, or other stakeholders.

The content produced must be well-written, researched, and creatively conceived. As a professional content writer, you are required to provide relevant and engaging content for products, websites, and organizations. The internet is the most important source of information, and through it, everything is digitalized. And so, companies and organizations require good content writers to attract the attention of their targeted audience through engaging pieces of writing.

Usually, a person with a background in English, mass communications, and/or journalism would take up content writing as a job. But this is not a necessary criteria for pursuing the field of content writing. If you have decent knowledge of and command over language and have good writing skills, you can easily land a well-paying content writing job.

The major skills a person needs to have to become a content writer are:

• Research: finding the right and relevant matter

• Writing skills: grasp of language and good vocabulary

• Strategic planning: to present the matter in the most effective way

• Proofreading: to provide error-free content to the public

• Coordination: working alongside the managerial team

• Website Management: To keep track of the type of content that will appear on the company’s webpage.

There are a lot of job opportunities available in the field of content writing:
1. Research writer

A research writer is a person who collects data and information from various sources, like books, magazines, journals, subject-matter experts, and the internet. They break down the complex ideas and words of these sources and present them to the common people in a simple, layman’s language that is easier for them to understand.

2. Technical Writer

A technical writer is someone who writes about and explains the technical aspects of a company or various companies. Their main job is to document all the reports, white papers, handbooks, procedures, data sheets, proposals, and manuals.

3. Copywriter

Copywriting is one of the most highly paid jobs in the content writing sector. A copywriter mostly writes to sell, be it products or services. They work for the marketing and advertising departments of the company. Their main aim is to increase the sales of the company and help it reach a larger audience. 

4. Freelancer

As a fresher in the content writing field, working as a freelancer is always better. The timings of the job are not strict, and one can work and earn while also completing their studies. Freelancing opportunities are well known among digital platforms, especially in today’s time. As a freelancer, you mostly have to write for blogs, articles, websites (SEO-based), and eBooks. Good research skills can prove very beneficial for a freelancer.

5. Academic Writer

Academic writing jobs are very popular in foreign countries, where the students pay someone else to research and write their assignments. But the profession is rapidly emerging in our country too. As an academic writer, you have to review articles based on research and summarize them in simple terms. You also have to write thesis papers and assignments. Sometimes this profession may also require you to edit and proofread research papers or journals.

Content writing jobs are in demand in the present, especially in this growing economy. You can find these job opportunities online and can work as a freelancer, part-time employee, or full-time employee, based on your comfort and preference. 

The average salary of a full-time content writer is approximately 3-6 lakhs per annum. This number can go up or down based on the experience of the individual. 


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