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Jio to Launch Its Own Short-Video Making Platform

Reliance’s Jio is launching its own short video app platform called “Platform.” It is expected to go completely live in January 2023. Jio has joined hands with famous music and pop culture magazine Rolling Stone India and advertising agency Creativeland Asia to mark its foray into the short video space.

This “platform” will tap into the ever-growing creator economy and operate just like the “reels” on meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The whole market for content creation has grown exponentially in the last few years and is expected to grow even further. 

The present valuation of the Indian content creation industry is approximately $19 billion and is expected to surpass $30.6 million by 2023. 

Companies like Meta and TikTok are already in this content-creating race with platforms like Reels and other short-video-making video tools. And now Jio is also joining the race with its “Platform,” built in collaboration with Rolling Stone and Creativeland Asia.

The major target of this platform will be “star entertainers,” with a focus on building an ecosystem for organic growth and steady monetization. The “Platform” will become a social home for all the singers, musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, fashion designers, and all the other creators who are playing an important part in influencing the present culture.

The “Platform” will not have any paid algorithms but will rather allow these creators to rise through their ranks and reputations. This will ensure the monetization of the creator’s content organically. There will be silver, blue, and red tick verifications through which the creators will be distinguished, and it will be solely based on their fanbase growth and content engagement.

The creators’ profiles also have a “Book Now” button that will allow all the users to interact with the artist directly and book them quickly for gigs of all types, partnerships, white-label content production, and much more. Creators will also get a chance to get featured in the Rolling Stone India digital editorials.


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