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NITI Aayog to Launch New Codes for FRT System

NITI Aayog is the Government’s Think Tank. It recently proposed an idea to launch codes to safeguard the data of Facial Recognition Technology in India.

The Think Tank is planning to launch verified codes for the protection of data of the FRT system.

The program is called Digi Yatra. It will be built around the principles of privacy, equality, safety, transparency, non-inclusivity, reliability, and accountability.

In the words of NITI Aayog, “To ensure the propriety and legality in the manner in which data processing happens to train and develop FRT systems, it is imperative to have a codified data protection regime in the country at the earliest.”

The NITI Aayog drafted a discussion paper, “Responsible AI for all: Adopting the framework” presenting a case study on how to properly use Facial Recognition Technology.

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They released the paper for the public to add their opinions; the time frame for this is November 30th.

According to this paper, there should be rigorous standards for data processing, storage, and retention. It should also address the privacy concerns regarding Facial Recognition Technology.

The paper also proposes the creation of an ethical committee to oversee the FTRs and access the implications of their mitigation measures.

The developers of this Facial Recognition System have been told to customize this keeping India in mind.

The new Facial Recognition Technology should have an accurate and inclusive mechanism for India considering the different Indian skin tones, facial features, gender, and age.

The government is planning to use this technology mainly at airport terminals to ensure a hassle-free and paperless check-in. This will make things easy for both the passengers and airlines.

Critics have raised concerns about the plausible misuse of this technology for stealing the identities of the people.

At present, India is home to 125 facial recognition systems which will soon be active all across India.


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