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Supercar Brand McLaren Now in India

McLaren Automobiles is a British luxury automobile manufacturer based at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England. They launched their operations in India on Thursday, with their first outlet in Mumbai.  

McLaren isn’t the only supercar brand operating in India. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Porshe also have their outlets in the Indian markets. All these supercars cost 4 crores and above. The target audience for all these brands are the super-rich of India who can afford such a lifestyle in spite of the inflation in the country and the economy’s slow growth.  

Paul Harris, managing director of McLaren Automobiles in Asia Pacific and China, says, “It’s a land of opportunities. The premiumization trend in the country seen across the segments – be it housing or cars – also prompted us to enter this market.” He also mentioned that such rich Formula One pedigree driven brand is encouraged by the increasing number of high network individuals (HNIs). These are the people who are fueling the demand for sports car.

McLaren will offer the full range of its products and designs to Indian customers. There are a lot of automobile enthusiasts in the country who will be beneficial for the British brand. The company has already unveiled its new 765LT Spider in Mumbai. The Everyday McLaren GT and the hybrid Artura will join the 765LT Spider in the Indian markets soon. Along with these designs, the 720S in Coupé and Spider variants is also available.   

The starting range of these supercars is ₹4 crore and depending upon the customization by the customer, the price of the car can go up by more than 25% on the original price. The Mumbai showroom of McLaren Automobiles will be represented by Infinity Cars, which is a BMW dealer based in Mumbai itself.

Lalit Choudhary, Chairperson and Managing Director of Infinity Cars, believes that, “People have begun to think that India will have some good years of economic growth. All the brands have had record numbers. The whole segment will be up 60-70%, year-on-year.” 

Based in Prabhadevi in Mumbai, McLaren’s showroom will have a dedicated service centre operated by a specialized team of McLaren trained engineers. Each car at the showroom is designed at the McLaren Technology Centre and is completely hand-built at the adjoining McLaren production centre in Woking, Surrey in South London. 


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