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Editor’s Note: Career Ahead Magazine October 2022

Things are changing at an unprecedented speed in the world today, and the future is certain to bring even more innovation and advances. It is fascinating to consider just how many options are available in any line of work one may choose to pursue in the present day. So, take some time to seriously contemplate where your passion and innate talent lies, and that is the best direction to take in terms of a career. The possibilities are endless, just take the first step and keep moving on!

Our cover story this issue is by Lord Karan Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer, British Indian businessman and a member of the House of Lords. The story of how a fleeting idea turned into the enterprise it is today is a fascinating and inspiring read. Our other features delve into photography, psychology, start-ups, filmmaking, team building, and more. We hope to offer a generous quantity of food for thought! Also, don’t miss the Q&A with entrepreneur, dancer, choreographer, and TV personality Christy Buss to learn about her journey to launching her own luxury skincare brand.

We hope you appreciate this issue, and we wish all our readers a joyous festive season! Enjoy the festivities, keep learning and growing. We are eager to hear your feedback, suggestions, and queries. Connect with us on our website and social media to share your thoughts; and for more great content, take a look at our online articles.

Read the full magazine here.

Best wishes,

Pooja Backliwal

Managing Editor


  • Pooja Backliwal

    Pooja Backliwal, Co-founder and Managing Editor, has a diverse background with several years of experience in the corporate arena - with companies including General Electric and Ernst and Young - following a Master's degree in English Literature from Delhi University. She is also an entrepreneur and runs a successful jewellery business under the brand name Traditions. Her experience significantly shapes the magazine's editorial vision. Pooja’s leadership ensures Career Ahead continues its mission to enlighten and inspire readers by presenting seasoned professionals' insights​​.

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