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PM Modi Inaugurates New Nalanda University Campus: Ancient Glory Revived

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Nalanda University campus, blending ancient heritage with modern sustainability. This event marks a significant milestone in reviving one of the world's oldest learning centers, enhancing its global educational impact.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the new campus of Nalanda University, a significant milestone in reviving one of the world’s oldest centers of learning. This event marks the fusion of ancient traditions with contemporary academic excellence, reflecting India’s commitment to preserving and advancing its rich educational heritage.

Historical Significance and Revival

Originally founded in the 5th century, Nalanda University was a premier center of learning that attracted scholars from across Asia until its destruction in the 12th century. The modern revival of Nalanda was initiated at the second East Asia Summit in 2007, with formal establishment in 2010 through an act of Parliament. This revival aims to rekindle the spirit of the ancient institution while embracing modern educational practices.

The New Campus

The newly inaugurated campus spans 455 acres and features over 200 structures designed with sustainability in mind, achieving a net-zero carbon footprint. Vice-Chancellor Sunaina Singh highlighted the campus’s commitment to environmental sustainability and technological advancement. The campus will provide an enhanced learning experience for its diverse student body, which includes scholars from over 30 countries​​.

Academic Programs and Global Outreach

Since its first academic session in 2014, Nalanda University has significantly expanded. Initially starting with two schools and 12 students, it now boasts six schools with hundreds of students enrolled in various degree and diploma programs. The curriculum is designed to foster interdisciplinary learning and global perspectives, with courses attracting students from the US, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and beyond​.

A Milestone Inauguration

The inauguration of the new campus by Prime Minister Modi underscores the Indian government’s commitment to restoring its ancient centers of learning and positioning them as global educational hubs. This event not only celebrates the historical significance of Nalanda but also sets the stage for its future as a leading institution for higher learning​.

As Nalanda University opens its doors to the world once more, it stands as a testament to India’s rich educational legacy and forward-looking vision. For more detailed information on the event and the university’s programs, you can visit the official Nalanda University website.


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